Excellence cannot be achieved without passion and attention to details.

AVEREX’s program aim to create impact on Optimizing Cost Efficiency by identifying and addressing the Total Cost Clean, which is far greater than chemical cost alone.


We are driven by a deep commitment to creating cleaning and surface treatment solutions that:-

Enhance the well-being of our customers and the world we live in.

Results in best value to our customers ensuring the lowest total cost of clean/treatment.

Does not cause harm to human and damage to equipment.

Results in operational excellence (efficiency and quality) in industries.

Results in peace of mind to our customers by ensuring consistent, uncompromising standard.

Is not toxic to human and wildlife.

Does not contribute to environmental degradation.

Inspire individuals and businesses to make conscious choices that contributes towards a cleaner, safer and healthier world.

Does not results in unnecessary wastage of energy and water.

Our Core Values


As a leader, we are committed to being proactively adaptive to changes to meet our objectives and long-term goals.


We ensure our vision becomes a reality via clear goals, strategic planning, actions and communications.

Esprit de Corps

Cooperation and team spirit is our greatest strength in aligning cohesiveness at workplace and business.


We deliver what we promise emphasizing reliability of our products and services.


We listen to our clients and amplify ethics in our business ensuring our quality remains intact.


With quality system at place, people and processes work in synergy towards achieving excellence in creating values and improving performances.

We prioritize COST OPTIMIZATION to all business operations.

At AVEREX, we understand that cost optimisation is critical to any business operations. Hence, we assist industries to identify the real cost of cleaning and develop programs that impacted these costs. Addressing the total cost of cleaning rather than just taking into account the chemical cost will generate meaningful savings and improve operational efficiency.

Total Cost of Cleaning

Indirect Cost


Product Quality
Environmental Concern
Brand Image
Life of Equipment
Risk & Hazards

Direct Cost


Water & Effluent

Cleaning Product


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