Hybrid PU-PA based online polymer (AVERBOND SL SERIES)

Averbond SL Series is a hybrid polyurethane and acrylic based polymer emulsion developed for the coating on NR & NBR gloves.

It is a high performance polymer which will smoothen and eliminate tackiness on rubber surface.

It has good bonding and adhesion to rubber surface.

Due to the high polar functional groups of this polymer, it minimizes surface to surface delamination and flaking providing a smooth finish.

We Offer:

  1. Online-polymer for NBR Glove
  2. Online Silicone-free Polymer for NBR Glove
  3. Premium Online Polymer for NR Glove
  4. Online Silicone-free, Non-acrylic Based Polymer for NBR Glove
  5. Versatile online Polymer
  6. Online Silicone-free Polymer for NR Glove
  7. Online Polymer for NR DHD Gloves
  8. Premium Online Polymer for NR Glove
  9. Online Polymer for NBR Glove

Available in: 200KG | 1000KG*

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