Organic Chlorine Sanitizer -tablet- (SANICARE SD20)

Organic tablet type chlorine sanitizer that made up of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) as it active ingredient.

It is in tablet form which offering excellent disinfection performance in one easy step.

– Maximized antimicrobial capability; effective against bacteria, fungi, virus & spores
– No measurement of chemical, thus prevent spillage; Space saving and convenient to handle
– Longer shelf life
– Has dissolving rate of 0.008g/s in water
– Suitable and safe to be used on food contact surfaces

-Tablet Form
-Odour: Chlorine
-pH: Neutral

Available in : 6 x 5g x 50 tablets | 6 x 2.5g x 150 tablets | 6 x 0.5g x 500 tablets

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